FR-E700 (0.4KW to 15KW)

Simple to use:
• Standard M-dial & display ensure easy setup & monitoring
• USB port allows setup & troubleshooting via PC
• RJ 45 port support alpha numeric keypad

Intelligent Functions:
• Sensorless vector control
• Overload capacity increased to 200% for 3 seconds
• Torque limiting
• Advanced auto tuning
• Catch spin feature

• Removable control I/O card simplifies wiring
• Connection to various network possible using option card
• Increased I/O possible with installed option card

An Investment for the Future:
• Easy to replace cooling fan requiring no tools
• Designed for 10years maintenance free life
• Self diagnostic warning for key internal component

Enhanced Features:
• Dancer control PID
• Power failure stop function
• Traverse function
• Modbus RTU communication
• Catch spin function
• Regeneration avoidance function
• Optimum excitation control
• Plug-in options for communication
• Sink/source logic selectable

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