High-Precision Tuning:

• Machine performance is utilized to the fullest using the advanced vibration suppression control function.
• Advanced Vibration Suppression Control II

Improved Tolerance against Instantaneous Power Failure:

• Large Capacity Main Circuit Capacitor
• Instantaneous Power Failure Tough Drive

Easy Monitoring and Maintenance:

• Large Capacity Drive Recorder
• Servo data such as motor current and position command before and after the alarm occurrence are stored in non-volatile memory of the servo amplifier.

High Performance:

Fast and Accurate:
• Speed Frequency Resposse of 2.0 KHZ
• Smooth,Constant-speed Operation
• Accurate Positioning

Eco-Friendly Performance:
• Efficient-Utilization of Regenerative Energy
• Power Monitor supports Energy Saving

Global Starndards:
• Fully Compliant Worldwide
• Extensive Global Support Network

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