• Downsized to just the size of two slots
• Supporting multiple CPU systems
• Highly reliable and durable performance for FA environment
• Double write protect function

Product Lineup:
• MELSECWinCPU module
• MELSECWinCPU setting utilities
• GT SoftGOT1000 Version 3
• MX Component

Free of Environmental Worries
• Reduction of electromagnetic noise
• Measures against harmonic leakage current
• Equipped with inrush current suppression circuit

Product List:
• Power supply
• I/O module
• Analog I/O module
• Pulse I/O and positioning module
• Information module
• Control network module

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Maximum Functionality:
The CPU module contains a diverse range of control functions.
• A large variety of I/O types and features are built-in for convenience.
• Built-in Ethernet & USB connectivity

Maximum Capabilities:
Advanced capabilities focused on improving efficiency.
• Wide range of I/O Modules, Network Modules.
• User-friendly display unit enables routine operations to be made without a computer.

Increase productivity and lower the total cost of ownership:
• User interface that is “easy to use” bdesign
• Use function blocks for common operations
• Offline debug without physical hardware

Simple motion module:
Wide variety of control formats including linear interpolation control (up to 4 axes), 2-axis circular interpolation control, fixed feed control and continuous orbit control.

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