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64-bit advanced SCADA featuring 3D Graphics

MC Works64 is an integral software providing a variety of functions and refined user interfaces suitable for social infrastructure fields. Apply this software to comprehend the plant operation state and monitor plant-wide operation to support efficient plant operations Various packages for each market.

MC Works 64, the core of iQ PlantSuite, is an advanced 64-bit OS compatible SCADA equipped with 3D graphics screen. MC Works64 features the MC AppBuilder engineering tool to realize easy collaboration between the SCADA and programmable controller.

Implement MC Works 64 for monitoring and control including functions such as HMI screens, trends and alarms, and for engineering to support aspects from monitoring to control. Functions for various markets can be realized by adding the optional package to the basic package MC Works 64. For example, add AX Energy to control energy such as power, water and gas in the factory or plant.

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