Low voltage air circuit breakers:
Mitsubishi Presents the WS Series, Satisfied with the High Demands of the 21st Century Global Market.

Best Solutions:
Through Flexible and Various Options, To be Built up the Suitable Functions.

• Downsized to just the size of two slots
• Supporting multiple CPU systems
• Highly reliable and durable performance for FA environment
• Double write protect function

High performance High-Reliability:
• Higher short circuit protection performance by improving breaking capacity
• Higher safety by improving insulation performance
• Higher reliability by High operating durability

External appearance and skeleton:
• Fixed type[AE-SW series]
• Drawout type[AE-SW Series]

• Ground fault protection(GFR)
• Neutral CT(NCT) [Only use for AE-SW]

Service conditions:
• Normal service condition
• Special service conditions

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Full range of MITSUBISHI WS Series:
• High-Performance
• Best Solution
• Reliable
• Intelligent
• Global

Increase productivity and lower the total cost of ownership:
• User interface that is “easy to use” bdesign
• Use function blocks for common operations
• Offline debug without physical hardware

• Compliance with worldwide standards (IEC/JIS/EN/GB/UL/CSA)
• Applicable to marine approvals
• New design with Laser Marking

External Accessories:
• High-speed Motor Device
• External Handle
• IP-20PM with Safety Device [Adopted for SGW, HGW]

• MDU (Measuring Display Unit) with NF 250-800AF
• Compact, white measuring unit
• Measuring data can be transmitted to a PC or a PLC through CC-Link

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