FX 3GE & FX 3G

Development concept for FX3GE and FX3S series

Background of development

• Strengthen the lineup of FX3 series.
• Support growing demand for more communication in simple application range.
• To make our self techno commercially strong in PLC market.

Product concept:

• Built-in Network with simple analogue functions.
• Built-in expansion board for simple design.
• Support useful FX3 series instructions like FreqRol protocol,floating arithmetics,etc.

FX3GE series specification


• Two high speed communication ports (Ethernet RS-422 USB)
• Connect up to 8 FreqRol inverters (FreqRol support)
• Integrated analog (2AD/1DA integrated)
• 2 User keywords for scaled PLC access (Advanced security)
• High-spped counting and input interrupts (60 KHZ)
• User friendly positioning (3 axes)


• FX3G BD can be used.
• Multiple adapters – Max 2 special FX3U adapters without FX3G-CNV-ADP.
• 2ch communication – Max 1 serial communication ADP.
• Easy analog communication – Max 1 analog ADP.

Information about this range

• 3rd Generation compact MELSEC PLC
• Available as AC powered units
• Expandable for up to 256 inputs/outputs
• High speed inputs for fast counting tasks
• LEDs for indicating input & output status
• Integrated USB interface
• Can be mounted on DIN rail or a flat surface
• Password access protection


• Flexible ADP support
• Embedded USB port
• More integrated
• Functions than FX3G


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