Micro-PLC customers demand higher performance and functionality for advanced positioning control applications.


Mitsubishi Electric, Himeji Works develops faster pulse train outputs for FX3U PLC main units and creates a new FX Series positioning unit with
SSCNet III technology for higher precision and control.

Customer Needs:

• Improved Control Functionality
• Improved Wire Management
• Engineering Cost Advantage

Target Application:

• Food Processing Machinery
• Packaging, Labeling & Printing
• Wood Manufacturing etc.,

System Configuration:

Configurator is available to set and monitor the parameter and table information of FX3U-20SSC-H unit.

Main Features:

• 2 axes control and compatible with SSCNET (MR-J3-B)
• Linear interpolation / circular interpolation
• Table Operation (300 points)
• Speed changing during positioning operation


• Multi-stage speed
• Linear interpolation
• Circular interpolation (CW / CCW) Center / Radius designation

Positioning Parameter:

• Maximum speed
• Jog speed
• Home position return speed (high)
• Home position return speed (low)

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