FX3U Series Development Concept:

Major design functions required of MODERN-day and FUTURE micro programmable controllers.

 • Small and compact size
 • Good cost performance
 • High speed and high precision control
 • Advanced built-in functions
 • Increased number of control points
 • Advanced Special Function Blocks and improved backwards compatibility
 • Extended communication ports and easy-to-use analog functions
 • Extended memory capacity
 Standard models in conformance to international standards

FX3U Series – “Brick” Type

• Most advanced model in the terminal block type
• FX2N Series successor

Basic product Specification Outline:

Equivalent Performance to FX3UC:

• Basic performance enhanced.
• Memory and devices are extended.
• Improved standard built-in functions.

Better than equivalent performance to FX3UC:

• Up to 384 I/O Points!
• The FX3U Series conforms to the CE and UL (cUL) standards.
• Extensive Instruction Library


• RS Communication ports are extended to 2 channels.
• New high performance modules
• Analog Inputs and Outputs are easy to use.
• High speed counters  200 kHz
• Positioning 4 axes at 200 kHz

Product configuration and expansion possibilities:

• Backward Compatible
• Configuration of function extension boards and special adapters
• Function extension board
• Enhanced positioning capabilities
• Extended network possibilities
• New Analog options
• Extension Power Supply Unit
• Applicable programming equipment

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