MR – J3

Improving Machine Performance

• Industry leading level of control
• Increased motor speed and torque
• Decreased cogging torque
• High-resolution absolute encoder

Improving Total System Dynamics

Fast and accurate optical communication
• Improved communication speed and command communication cycle

Improved noise immunity
• High quality communication

Simple and flexible wiring
• Simple wiring
• Long distance wiring

Optimal adjustment function for machines
• Advanced vibration control
• Robust disturbance compensation function

Servo amplifier outlines
• MR-J3-A(General-purpose interface)
• MR-J3-B(SSCNET# compatible)
• MR-J3-B(SSCNET# compatible)
• MR-J3-BSafety Drive safety compatible)
• MR-J3W-B (2-axis servo amplifier)
• MR-J3-T CC-Link compatible (with built-in positioning function)

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