MR – J4

Industry-leading basic performance

• Industry-leading level of servo amplifier basic performance
• Improving machine performance with high performance motors
• Applicable for various control and driving systems

Advanced servo gain adjustment function

• Advanced one-touch tuning function
• Robust filter
• Expanded machine resonance suppression filter

High-response system achieved with SSCNET III/H

• Three times faster communication speed
• Cycle times as fast as 0.22 ms
• Deterministic and synchronized communication
• No transmission collision
• Dramatically reduced wiring
• Central control with network
• Long distance wiring up to 1600 m
• SSCNET III/H compatible and SSCNET III

Advanced features for world-class safety

• Safety function according to IEC/EN 61800-5-2
• Improving safety level by combining MR-J4 with Motion controller
• More safety functions in the future

Enhanced operating ease and drive stability

• SEMI-F47 compatible function
• Tough drive function
• Large capacity drive recorder
• Machine diagnosis function
• 3-digit alarm


• Servo amplifier life diagnosis function
• Machine diagnosis function

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